Board of Extra Mural Studies
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The University established the Board of Extra-Mural Studies Board in the year 1959 with the purpose of spreading education in the Marathwada region as a n extension activity. The Board permits the opening of centres in rural areas with a population between 1000 and 10,000 which come under jurisdiction.

      When the new Act in 1994 came to be implemented in the University, number of Boards came to be established; Unfortunately the extra-Mural Board has not been re-organized nor any new regulation for rules have been framed. Before the act of 94' came into being a committee implemented this programme. The committee was preceded by the Vice-Chancellor.

      Presently 37 centres are functioning in rural areas of four districts which come under the preview of the University.

       In these centers the extra mural Board is running libraries. The objective of running these libraries in rural areas is to create interest in reading amongst the people and thus add to their knowledge and information. This project started from 1960 and each year a budget is provided for the purpose. During the year 1998-99 a sum of Rs. 30,000 has been provided for the libraries.

       The extra-Mural Board, since its inception has been responsible for the creation of the public awareness  and importance of education. The committee has contributed positively by conducting and organising various programmes which include lectures, workshops, training programmes, camps and other educational activities. These activities have greatly benefited the teachers, farm workers, farmers, unemployed youth and women from all rural areas which fall under the Board.

       At present registration work for new centres is being conducted for the year 1999-2000 and letters have been sent to various centres. The board has also sent reminders to all those centres which have not responded.

       20,000 books will be provided to these centres from the budge provided for the year 1997-98. Each working centre will be provided with 35 to 40 books. At each centre five lectures are arranged each year and the guest lecturer is paid Rs. 50 as honorarium and conveyance allowance. The head of each centre draws a schedule of the programmes he will present to the Board office. For these activities a budget of Rs. 5000 is approved. Last year around 150 to 185 lectures were conducted.

       Every years the Extra Mural Board of the University organises a camp for which Rs. 15000/- are approved. Last academic year a camp for all officials of the boards was organised. The programme was presided by Dr. Shivraj Nakade, the Vice-Chancellor of the University. Chief guest of the function was Captain C.R. Mohite and the guests of honor were deputy registrar Dr. mrs. Somvanshi and the Director of BCUD Dr. V.s. Lomte. The budget of Rs. 30,000 is also marvad for organising orientation camps. During last academic year camps were organised in the following places.

            1) Aurangabad Dist.- Soyegaon, Taluka-Khultabad.
            2) Jalna Dist.- Dhawda, Taluka-Bhokarda.
            3) Beed Dist.-Beed, Taluka-Kej.
            4) Osmanabad Dist. Shiradhon Taluka - Kalamb

Each orientation camp cost Rs. 3000/- where a number of lectures were arranged.                     Thus the objective of society is served by the Extra Mural Board especially in orienting the rural areas. The future objective for the year 1999-2000 is to open new centres.

        The following staff is working in this board.

                1) Director - one
                2) Junior Assistant - one
                3) Assistant - one
                4) Peon - one