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About us                      
It is an established truth that happiness in human life emerges from the satisfaction of needs & feeling of security which results from Social Matrix.But the Social Matrix if suffers from in balance between & lack of strength of  components,give way to several human sufferings which in broader application are named as problems.
            Based upon this fact, social Work Education was founded in western countries.Through Social  Work activities in various forms have been a part & pareel of our religious, political,Social & cultural life in India, systematic instructions in Social  Work education in Indian set up commemced with the establishment of Tata Institure of Social Sciences in Mumbai in 1936.However till 1980 the concept of  Social work Education was unknown to Marathwada Region.
            In 1980 a Young enthusiastic  academician by name Shri.Suresh Puri who had rich Social Work orientation being deeply influenced & fascinated by the concept of Social Work Education laid the foundation of Social Work Education through establishmentCollegeof Social Work in Marathwada Region at Aurangabadin the 1980.It is worth record that Shri. Bapurao Jagtap Shri.Motiraj Rathod joined Shri.Suresh Puri in this endevour by contributing their land for conducting this college-initially.
            It was decided to conduct this college under the registration of a society by name Vidya Vardhak  Samiti at Aurangabadthrough which late Adv.S.M.Dhanuka,Dr.Chandradeo Kawde,Dr,Narayan Sharma got associatioed with this college through their contribution as members of managing committee during &after the foundation years.
            On 12th Dec.1980 the Academic programme of Social Work Education was inaugurated at the gracious hands of Hon’ble Dr.B.R.Bhosle the than Vice –Chancellor of  Dr.Babasaheb  Ambedkar Marathwda University ( the then MarathwadaUniversity) & that of the then Divisional Commissioer Hon’ble Shri. Padmanabhan.
          Social Work Education Provides an insight in the significance Social matrix it’s politicial,economical,Physical,Cultural aspects in the problems emerging out of imbalances in Social relationship and in the effective helping machanisams & processes. Collegeof Social Workhas been providing rich opportunities of Social Work Education to the youth in Marathwda & border areas of vidarbha,who mainly represent the deprived sections of community.This college had to pass through  several down falls but continued with the valuable task of Social  Work Education over period of 27 years.
            This college being first & single collegeof Social Work Educationin Marathwada region till 1992 & only one collegeof  Social Workin Aurangabad District till 2007 enjoys a special status due to it’s rich performance in Social Work Education.In recognition of this fact, the then Authorities of  Dr.Babasaheb  Ambedkar Marathwada University,decided to take over this college in  order to rejuvenate & vitalize the role of this college in Social  Work Education.    
      Hence since 22nd Jan.2003 this College has gained a new identity & status  i.e. Dr.Babasaheb  AmbedkarMarathwadaUniversity’s Collegeof  Social  Work,with due approval of state Govt.   Now Dr.Babasaheb  AmbedkarMarathwadaUniversity’s,Collegeof  Social  Workis performing it’s functions of Social  Work Education in the capacity of a member section of organization structure of Dr.Babasaheb  AmbedkarMarathwadaUniversity.    
Social Work Practicum 
Social Work practicum is an integral part of  Social  Work education, It encompasses eight learning approtunities, to develop and enhance knowledge,attituted and skills among the learners.Each activity is agraded one add has its specific objectives to achieve learning is aided through observation analysis of  Social realities and experience of participation in designing and providing Social  Work intervention.Two field work co-ordinators among the faculty hold the responsibility  of organization & admn. of field work. 
1)Orientation Visit:- These visit are arrange for first and second year students at the beginning of academic year in order to provide an exporure to and understanding of the services provided in response to needs people.
2)Concurrent field work:--It is on going learning opportnity provide for both year ( MSW-I,II) students to develop intervention skills in reality situation for dealing with the individual,group and community problems.The students are placed under able guidance of faculty in vaious welfare agencies,hospitals schools & communities.Where there is a scope for social  Work practice.
3)Rural  Camp:- One week Rural is organized for Ist Year students to develop and understanding about rural life,rural problems and analyse rural  dynamics observation functioning of local self  Govt. and voluntary organization and planming for activities for own group and local people are the main tasks of rural camps
4)Study Tour:- It is conducted to study and oppreciate innovative efforts of individuals and group Go’s  and NGo’s towards meeting the  need of the people out side the local place  college organizes  this tour along with the faculty for final year students.
5)Field Work Seminar:-This is the two fold activity conducted by both year students. The students who have practised social work intervention presents their paper in their classes it develops presentation skills among the presenters and the rest of the students are exposed to the various field situation and social Work method used to tackle them.
6)Communical Skill:- It is group activity designed for both year student to develop the understanding about the Social issues and problems and therby solution.A group slects their own theme and mode of presentations.e.g. Role play, one act play, street play, poster Display.It help for the professional growth of the learners.
7)Viva-voce:-It the assessment tool for social work practice each student has to appear for viva by the end of each semester the students knowledge attiude & their performace in the field is assessed in it.
8)Block Placement :- It enable learners to integrate learning and generate newer learning by participating in the intervention process over a period of 04 week continuously in a Specific agency usaully Block Placement is provided of the end of two year programme.
Courses Available 
I] Master Of Social Work:
Elegibility: Candidates who have completed their graduation in any discipline are eligible to take admission for the P.G. Diploma in Adult Continuing and Extension Education.
Duration:Two year full time course. 
Intake Capcity:40
 The prospectus will be available to the students in the Department.
Teaching Faculty

Sr.No. Name of the Teachers Designation Specialization
Smt.H.M.Kulkarni Principal Social work
Dr.R.S.Baheti Reader Education, Child labour and elementary education,working class and its expliotation,social justice.
Shri.D.K.Kamble Lecturer Social work
      4. Shri.B.G.Gir Sr.Lecturer Social work
Shri.Y.H.Bennur Lecturer Medical Social Work
Dr. N.P.Pande Lecturer Research and child welfare
      7. Shri.P.M.Shahapurkar Lecturer Rural Community Development, Natural Conservation, Social Awareness,Information Technology
      8. Shri.R.N.Gavit Lecturer  
     9. Shri.K.B.Deshmukh Librarian  


The research based assignments being performed by the students has been a regular feature of Social Work curriculum since the inception of this college in 1980.In addition the college has conducted the following research activities. 
Sr.No. Title Year In
1 The study of problems of single mother in Aurangabad   Association with Karave Institute of Social Sciences,Pune
2 Multi Indicator survey of primary Health centers in Aurangabad Dist   Health Deptt Zilha parishad,Aurangabad
3 The Study of  RCH project Activities in Aurangabad 2006-07 PSMDepttGovt.MedicalCollege,Aurangabad
4 EMIS Survey of Primary Schools in AurangabadDist 2003-04
MaharashtraPrathmik Shikshan Parishad,Aurangabad
5 The Study of  Children’s Institutions in Aurangabad Division-Role of Hyvebuke Hystuce Act,2005 2006-07 Deptt of Child Devpt.Central & Maharashtrastate & UNICEF
6 The Impact study of Community welfare activities support provided by sterlite opticals company in  Aurnagabad 2006-07 Sterlite opticals company
7 The study of sustainability of Jlswarjya project Under consideration MaharashtraState
Cocurricular Activities
            *Student Based Activities  
1.         Extension Services                   :- Being conducted regularly   since 2005-06 
2).        National Social Service Scheme            :- Being in  in undertaken 
3).        Participation of students in  youth festival regularly 
4).        Vocational Guidance Activities. 

*Organization Based Activities  
< >Workers Edn.Seminar in the year -1992,Organization School Social Work conference in the year- 1996Social  Work Research Training of  Social Work  Educaters in Aurangabaddivions in Association with Yashadain the year 2006-07 PuneSeminar on Social Justice & Equality in Association with Divisional Social Welfare Office in the year 2003-04Seminar on Social Justice & Equality in association with  BARTI & Yashada,Pune in the year 2006-07Seminar on child Rights in association with QUI&CCA, Maharashtra(2004-05)Editing & Purblication of a book on Social Justice & Equality in association with yashada Pune.Top
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