Tarabai Shinde Women's Study Center
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Tarabai Shinde Women's Studies Center
 The Women's Studies Center was started with University funding in April 2005. The Center inaugurated on 27th July,2005, with the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Nagnath Kottapalle , presiding and Dr. Sudha  Kaldate as the chief guest. On this occasion the Vice-Chancellor named Dr. Wandana Sonalkar as Director of the Center.
      The Center's  main  objective is to promote research and teaching in the  new  interdisciplinary   field    of  Women's  Studies . Women's  Studies  as  an academic discipline developed  out of the need for the feminist movement to understand the facts, causes and consequences of  Women's  secondary status in society. Since the  1980's  the  discipline  has  grown in depth and coverage, and feminist thinks have engaged in  theoretical  debate   with  undertaken exciting new research on many aspects of women's role in society, the economy and how it is understood.
       During  the academic  year  2005-2006, the WSC , Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, organized a two day Workshop on " Current Perspectives  in  Women's  Studies , " which  was   inaugurated   by     Dr. Vandana Shiva, the world-renowned eco-feminist and environmental activist. Scholars from Pune and Hyderabadguided the sessions. Presentations were made by faculty members of the university , and these have been collected in the from of a small book which will be  released  shortly . In January 2006 the Center jointly organized the Sixth Conference   was  " Women and Development" and  it was attended by over 150 delegates from all over Maharashtra.
       During   the   current    academic  year  (2006-2007),  it is proposed to start teaching   a  Certificate  Course in  Women's  Studies.  This   certificate  course is offered as  inter displinary course at postgraduate level. Postgraduate students in social  science, journalism, commerce ,   management  and humanities may take a this as  an additional   course.  Alternatively,  it may  be of  interest to graduates working in NGO's. journalism, management and government administration as well as to housewives.
        The course aims to give  a broad-based understanding of women's studies as  an  inter-disciplinary  area  of study , including an idea of  its  origins and its relation to the women's movement. The focus is on an application of the women's studies approach to understanding the position of women in Indian society today.
         Course teaching and  evaluation will follow the semester pattern adopted in various faculties of this university. There will be written tests  as well as the use of book reviews, film reviews with women in this region, The following topics will be covered. 
Semester I 
Module 1: Basic Concepts
Module2: Gender in Modern Indian History : Colonial and post-Independence
Module3: Women in India: An Introduction 
Module 4: Women in Maharashtra
Semester II
Module 1 & 2: Women and Law in India(a) & (b)
Module3: Women and Development
Module 4: Gender and Regional Backwardness (with special reference to Maharashtra)
Module 1 & 2: Women and Law in India(a) & (b)
Module3: Women and Development
Module 4: Gender and Regional Backwardness (with special reference to Maharashtra)
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Contact person :-       Prof. Vandana Sonalkar