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About us 
                   The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University has recently instituted the GautamBuddhaStudyCenter. Buddhism ranks as one of the greatest peace loving religion not only in Asiabut all over the world. It insists upon values of knowledge and evil of ignorance. Buddhism enjoys the glory of having rightly judged the intrinsic greatness of man's capacity to work out his salvation, thus stressing the power of the individual to pursue excellence. Buddhism has at its core the concern for the welfare of man, to eliminate human suffering and misery and to lead society towards integrity and dignity of existence.         
Background Information:
Universityestablished on  23rd August 1958, stands proudly in the splendid natural environment in the History City of Aurangabad. Its jurisdiction included the Marathwada region. On 14th Jan 1994, The University was renamed as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University. Today this University has 234 Colleges, 9 recognised institution and 36 post-graduate departments on the campus with 16 faculties. There are 137450 students studying in Undergraduate and post-graduate course. The University has its focused attention on initiating rural students totake higher education. A very commendable scheme of "Earn & Learn" takes care of the economically challenged sections of the youth and instills in them the dignity of labour and a sense of responsibility. The University has marched towards raising the level and standard of teaching and research. It has expanded its areas of research in contemporary knowledge. The University is celebrating 2007-08 as its Golden Jubilee year.    The GautamBuddhaStudyCenterwas inaugurated by Prof. Labh from Jammu & KashmirUniversityin the presence of scholars, academicians and teachers of this university. This center has conducted a two-day workshop for students from all depts. In its first year of inception 150 Students who participated in the workshop were taken to Ajantaand given knowledge by trained guide on the frescoes and mural in the AjantaCaves.
1.       GautamBuddhaStudyCenterwill focus on the following areas.         
  1. Buddhist Thought
  2. Buddhism and the welfare of the marginalized.
  3. Buddhism and status of women
  4. Buddhism and social transformation.
  5. Buddhist teachings for youth orientation.
  6. Buddhism and the problems of Dalits and their upliftment.
2.       Plan of integrated activities:
            i)      Gautam Buddha Study Center will conduct
Conferences, seminars, and symposia twice a year.
            ii)         An Essay- Writing competition will be held once every
year for P.G. students.
            iii)         An Elocution competition for P.G. students will be held
once every year.
  1. Minor research projects in Buddhist thought will be undertaken.
  2. Two Newsletters will be released twice in a year.
  3. It is proposed to starts a library with books on Buddhism, posters, paintings and paper clippings.
  4. To foster inter-faith dialogue with other faiths in Indianamely. Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity
  5. To co-ordinate on the International level with counties such as Thailand, Malyasia, Taiwanand Japan.
           One of the most enlightened, illumined souls that brought rationality to human intellect and culture to human living is Lord Gautam Buddha. A teacher of righteousness instructed people in the art of right living. Buddha's teachings have had their reproductions on the history of human kind dating back to BC. His teachings, philosophy, advocacy for non-violence, his spiritual blueprint to combat materialism an corruption have stood the test of time. He fostered amity and solidarity to promote co-operative living and societal harmony in times of battle and strife. Buddha stands apart in history for giving the world a code of conduct for personal peace and national propriety.            
Vision:Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabadis committed to create opportunities for quality higher education, intellectual reflection and spiritual enrichment and to raise moral and ethical standards. In his golden jubilee year, the University has instituted GautamBuddhaStudyCenterto encourage and promote study and research on Gautam Buddha's philosophy and its social relevance in the 21st century.
Mission:Our University is committed to create an intellectual environment in a spirit of critical insights and rational enquiry. Therefore, the GautamBuddhaStudyCenteris dedicated to intensive study of Buddhist philosophy to instill in students a holistic development of Personality -Body, Mind and Soul to meet the challenges of 21st Century.
 1) To disseminate knowledge of Buddha's philosophy.
2) To promote consciousness raising of the finer sensibilities of life
3) To create scholars capable of critical analysis of thought in research.
4) To encourage ecumenism amongst the various schoolof Buddhistthoughts.
5) To undertake the interfaith dialogue to promote amity and harmony amongst the people.

Sr.No. Name of the Teachers Designation Specialization
Dr. G.R.Sonale Director Modern Poetry
Library :The Library of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University is a store house of rare books and contemporary contributions in the from of books, journals, e-journals and e-library facilities. A rich collection of books on Buddhist thoughts and philosophy is available in its vintage collection. The library also possesses e-mail /Web Surfing / Download facilities for the learners communities.
Programme and Activities proposed : 
          The center will seek to aquatint young generation with the philosophy of Gautam Buddha. Therefore it seeks to pursue the following programmes and activities derived from main aims and objectives mentioned in the proposal.
1) To set resource center for students, teachers, scholars and policy makers as well as administrators with library facilities and resource persons so that a large number of scholars are exposed to this studies.
2) To organise seminars, workshops, lecture series on some vital issues and to supply the printed material of these lectures to the users.
3) To conduct orientation & training programme.
4) To conduct full-time, part time courses (Diploma / Certificate) for students. Short-term courses of 3-6 months.
5) To conduct research by M.Phil / Ph. D. students and other scholars
6) Center will publish articles, project, research papers, seminar proceedings etc.
7) The Center will act as National / International collaborative, comparative centre and will provide the facilities to do so.
8) To undertake such other activities and endeavors as would be considered suitable for further aims and objective of the center.
Contact Us      :  
Reader and Head, Department Of English
Phone No:0240-24003341