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Eligibility for M.A./ M.Sc./M.Com. and other Post-Graduate Courses.

1.       P.G. Course conducted by the Post-Graduate department on the University campus will be of
          four semesters.
2.       Intake capacity at the Post-Graduate departments of the University shall not exceed 70.
3.       Admission process will be conducted by the department concerned as per the rules and 
          regulations of the University in force from time to time and as per the time table for 
          admissions notified by the department.
4.       Candidates seeking admission to P.G. Course will have to submit their application in the 
          prescribed from to the Head of the Department of the concerned subject.
5.       The students should admission form for Ist & IIIrd semester & pay   the fees accordingly.
6.       Every student will have to get his term granted by the department.The term shall be granted if.
          i)       A Student has attended 75% lectures in the term and
          ii)      Completed the term work assigned during that term.
7.       Not withstanding the provision in Rule No. 6 if a student has not attended 75% of the lectures,
          may be permitted to complete the term wok through remedial tests/ programmes, before the
          term end exam.
8.       The student whose term is not granted will not be allowed to appear for the term end
          examination; and will have to repeat the term by taking admission to that term afresh in the
          next academic year.
9.       A student will be allowed to take admission in IIIrd semester if he/ she has passed Ist and  
          IInd semester. 75% subjects must be passed in I & IInd sem.
10.     A student will have to pass separately in both parts of evaluation; i.e. continuous evaluation
          and term end examination.
11.     The table below shows the intake capacity for each course per academic year.