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Education sets the direction for development. Its quality determines the status of
development in industry, technology, research and culture. The role of higher education is
immensely critical and catalytic. Higher level skills and values are developed at this level. If
higher education is improved, other levels of education will automatically improve, as skill and
knowledge will percolate through teachers and researchers. The industrial sector too is likely
to get well trained and knowledgeable managers, accountants and engineers. Government will be
manned by education bureaucrats, wise politicians and responsible teachers.

All the Commissions and Committees on higher education including Radhakrishna Commission
(1948), Kothari Commission (1964-66), Acharya Ramamurti Committee (1990) and Janardhan Reddy
Committee (1992) have emphasized the development of academic staff college as an important
alternative for educational transformation.

New methods of teaching and educational technology along with the development in Information
Technology have made the job of a teacher both exact and demanding. There has been knowledge
explosion in every discipline. A college/university teacher has to continuously update his
knowledge in his chosen field of expertise, or run the risk of becoming totally outdated in a
very short period of time. It is, therefore, necessary to provide systematic and organized
Orientation programmes for the large number of teachers at the colleges and university level.


In pursuance of the Programme of Action of NPE (1986), the UGC set up Academic Staff
Colleges in the Country for enhancing the professional competence of the teachers in higher

The teachers are the future managers of education enterprise. Therefore, they must develop
insight into the dynamics of working in the education system. The Academic Staff College thus
inculcates in them appropriate T & R skills and they get an opportunity to interact, reflect and
introspect about social expectations.

The Executive Council (presently Management Council) at its meeting held on 31-12-1987
accepted the ASC scheme sponsored by UGC at this University as per Govt. resolution bearing
No.UGC/1487-719/UNI-3/Cell dated 8th July,1987. Accordingly, the UGC established the ASC in this University in October, 1987. The Academic Staff College in this University organizes specially
designed Orientation Courses with the objectives of improving the teachers understanding about
social problems and seeking appropriate solutions, inculcating teaching skill, equipping them
with professional management skill, and developing them into vibrant and integrated
personalities. The ASC also organizes Refresher Courses in different subjects for updating and
upgrading the knowledge of teachers and to train themselves in the latest processes,
Methodologies and techniques of teaching.

Academic Staff College-DIRECTORS

Presently 'Dr.M.D.Shirsat', Professor of Physics, University Department of Physics has been appointed as In-charge Director of the UGC-Academic Staff with effect from 07-04-2011:

Following have worked as Director of the Academic Staff College since it’s inception:-

1. Prin.S.K.Mohgaonkar 22-10-1987 to 15-02-1991
2. Dr.M.N.Farooqui 16-02-1991 to 25-05-1992(Additional Charge)
3. Dr.Mrs.S.V.Kaldate 25-05-1992 to 30-12-1994 (Additional Charge)
4. Dr.A.Y.Darshankar 31-12-1994 to 29-02-1996 (Additional Charge)
5. Dr.A.G.Khan 01-03-1996 to 02-05-1997 (Additional Charge)
6. Dr.P.K.Nikam 02-05-1997 to 28-02-2001 (Additional Charge)
7. Dr.D.G.Dhuley 28-02-2001 to 31-12-2004 (Additional Charge)
8. Dr.V.L.Dharurkar 31-12-2004 to 31-12-2008
9. Dr.S.H.Behere 01-01-2009 to 31-10-2010 (Additional Charge)
10. Dr.D.B.Dhaigude 01-11-2010 to 06-04-2011 (Additional Charge)
11. Dr.M.D.Shirsat 07-04-2011 to till now (Additional Charge)