Result April 2012
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  1. B.A.F.Y.-I Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  2. B.A.F.Y.-II Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  3. B.Sc.F.Y.-I Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  4. B.Sc.F.Y.-II Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)



  1. B.Sc.I.T.F.Y.-I Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  2. B.Sc.I.T.F.Y.-II Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  3. B.Sc.Comp.Sci..F.Y.-I Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  4. B.Sc.Comp.Sci..F.Y.-II Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  5. B.C.A.Sci.F.Y.-I Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  6. B.C.A.Sci.F.Y.-II Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  7. Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  8. Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  9. B.Com.F.Y.-I Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  10. B.Com.F.Y.-II Sem. (June 2009 Pattern)
  11. M.Sc. ( DT.,Bio-Phy., Geology.,Ana-Chem.,Bio_processing.,Genetics.,Instrumentation)
  12.  Result Sheet of MA (Public,Dip. in pali., Sanskrit, Pali & budd., Thoughts., Urdu .,       Home sci.,Arabic
  13. Result Sheet  of  B.ed. Examination held in March/April -2012
  14. Result Sheet of M.ed. and B.ed. (Special edu.) Exam. held in Mar/Apr-2012
  15. Result sheet of Bsc-computer science I,II,III., BCA Science I,II,III., Bio-Tech I,II,III., IT-I,II,III Year Exam held in Mar/Apr-2012
  16. Result sheet of Bsc-computer science I,II,III., BCA Science I,II,III., Bio-Tech I,II,III., IT-I,II,III Year Exam held in Mar/Apr-2012  (OLD COURSE Only)
  17. Result sheet of M.A. [Economics,Sociology,Psychology,Geography,Music,Urdu.,Public Adm.,Arebic.,Pali&Buddhism.,Home science.,(I to IV sem. and Yearly ) - Exam. held in Mar/Apr-2012
  18. Result Sheet of [ Physics,Ind.Chem.,Env.Sci.,Microbiology.,Zoology.,Electronics.,Bio-Technology.,Bio-chemistryBotany ] Exam. held in April-2012
  19. Result Sheet of M.A. [ Political Science, Arebic (Mkcl), Urdu(mkcl),Pub.adm.(Mkcl),Pali (Mkcl) ,Home Sci.,(Yearly & Semester) Exam Held in Mar/Apr -2012
  20. F.Y.B.Sc.(Home Science) - Second Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  21. S.Y.B.C.A. (Science) - Fourth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  22. S.Y.B.C.A. (Science) - Third Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  23. S.Y.B.Sc.Bio-Tech. - Fourth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  24. S.Y.B.Sc.Bio-Tech. - Third Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  25. S.Y.B.Sc.I.T. - Fourth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  26. S.Y.B.Sc.I.T. - Third Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  27. T.Y.B.C.A. (Science) - Fifth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  28. T.Y.B.Sc. Bio-Tech. - Fifth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  29. T.Y.B.Sc.I.T. - Fifth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  30. T.Y.B.Sc.I.T. - Sixth Semester HELD IN APR-2012
  31. Result Sheet of M.A. Marathi and History (I to IV Semester (Rev & Old) exam held in Mar/Apr-2012
  32. Result sheet of M.A. Hindi & English (I to IV Semester, Yearly exam held in Mar/Apr-2012
  33. Result of LL.B (3 Year Degree Course) I,II& III Year Exam April-2012
  34. Result sheet of [Math,.II & IV sem.  IT.,( I to IV sem)  Exam. held in April-2012
  35. Result Sheet of Pre-Law  ( 5 Year Degree Course) Exam. held in April - 2012
  36. Result register for BCS,BCA,BIOTECH,TEXT-TILE & INTERIOR D. ., AUTO-MOBILE MAINTENENCE , BIO-INFORMATICS semester Exam held in April -2012 
  37. Result Sheet of B.Sc. I, II, III Year (UGC & OLD) Exam. held in Mar/Apr-2012
  38. Result sheet & Ledger of B.Sc. I,II,III Year (MKCL) Exam held in Mar/Apr-2012
  39. Result Sheet of Computer Science & Chemistry (Rev & Old) exam held in Mar./Apr-2012
  40. Result sheet of  Diploma in Taxation,Labour law,Intellectual property laws,.& other  ..exam held in April-2012
  41. Result shet of (E-commerce) III, IV,V Semester Exam. held in Mar/Apr-2012
  42. Result sheet of LLM. Part-I & Part - II (UGC)  Exam. Held in April-2012 
  43. Result sheet of B.Com. I, II, III year (Genral) & (UGC) exam. held in Mar/Apr-2012.
  44. Result Register for II semester exam held in April - 2012
  45. Result Register for B.Sc. III, IV,V Semester exam. held in April - 2012
  46. Result Register for III  & IV semester Exam. held in April - 2012
  47. Result Register of B.A.S.Y.-III and IV Semester Exam. held in April -2012.
  48. Result Register for B.Com. Sem-V & VI exam held in April-2012
  49. Result Register for B.Sc. Sem-VI exam held in April-2012
  50. Result Register for B.A. III and IV exam held in April-2012
  51. Result Register for B.Sc.TY-VI Sem.Exam held in April -2012
  52. Result Register for (I to IV sem. & I, II Year)  Exam. held in April - 2012
  53. Result Registrer of B.A.-TY-V Sem. April 2012 event
  54. Result Register of B.A I Semester April - 2012 Event
  55. Result Register of B.A II Semester April - 2012 Event
  56. Instruction to Candidate for B.A. Faculty (Yearly & Semester) About Recounting,Redressal & other Exam held in April-2012
  57. Result sheet of B.Pharmacy Fourth Year ( Rev & Old ) exam. held in May/June-2012
  58. Result Sheet of Fianl Year B.Tech. (All Faculties) Exam. held in May/June - 2012
  59. Result sheet of First Year Engg. (Rev/Rept/old) Exam. held in May/June- 2012
  60. Result Resister of VI Semester APril - 2012 Event
  61. Ledger of VI Semester  Part-I   SBF051000-SBF055999
  62. Ledger of VI Semester  Part-II  SBF056000-SBF060999 
  63. Ledger of VI Semester  Part-III SBF061000-SBF065999
  64. Result sheet of M.C.A. I,II,III (Faculty of Engg.)  exam. held in May/June-2012
  65. Result sheet of B.Pharmacy, I,II,III year Exam. Held in May/June-2012