Administrative and Facilitation Service
Last Updated On Jan 20 2013 8:52AM
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         These services are facilitated availability of administrative and facilitation services to the students    
          registered in the affiliated colleges/ recognized institution of the University through the Digital
         College @ software framework which is installed and operated by the respective college/
          institution authorities / officers, under the guidance of the University
1.       Computer generated pre-filed Eligibility /admission form with scanned image of photograph and
          signature of the students
2.       Electronic transfer Eligibility / admission form data to the university for further processing
3.       After checking and scrutiny of Eligibility / admission form of the student by the University
          authorities. Issue of Permanent Registration Number/ admission for University confirmation letter
          as well as communication from University about discrepancy, if any , in the Eligibility / admission
4.       For Eligible students , Generation of Students login on the University portal and issue of Login ID
          and Password to the students to access their Personalized e-services through the login on the
          University Portal
5.       Application for Examination “ Computer generated pre-filled Examination form with facility to
          mark optional subjects and mark changes, if any such as name, address, subjects etc.
6.       Electronic transfer of Examination form data to the University for Further Processing
7.       Confirmation of Examination form and issue of Admit Card from the University : Facility for the
          students to get anywhere anytime status of processing his/her Examination form (scrutiny by the
          University authorities) by logging into his/her online account on the University portal (Through
          any computer connected to Internet )
8.       Communication  from University about discrepancy, if any in the Examination form
9.       Examination schedule and time table
10.     Admit Card print out for the Examination
11.     Examination result processing.
12.     Result: Printed Statement of Marks to be issued by the University.
13.    Computer generated pre-filled application for re-assessment / re-totaling convocation and
          migration with facility to mark updates / changes if any on the printout: - it is in process and it is
          working before result declaration of Annual examination.
14.     Electronic transfer of these Application form data to University for Further processing
15.    After processing of these application form of the students by the University authorities, in case of
          re-assessment /re-totaling application issue of no change letter /revised Statement of Marks, in
         case of Convocation application issue of Degree Certificate, in case of Migration issue of
         Migration Certificate