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Technical Section:Classification and cataloguing are the two measure prep rational processes of the library. 

Classification :Library follows DDC because of the easiness and simplicity of the scheme. For cataloguing document ALA Code with certain changes and modification is followed.

 Cataloguing : Most popular cards form of catalogue is used. Each and every card in the catalogue is hand written for each book minimum three entries as Author, Title and Subject Entries and is prepared. Library has preferred a brief simplified cataloguing. Following different parts of the catalogue are maintained. 

            ( A )      Author Catalogue;( B )      Title Catalogue; ( C )     Classified Catalogue ( According to DDC )   ( D )     Periodicals Catalogue.

Types of Library Services :

  1.            Home lending.

  2.            In-house use. 

  3.             Departmental loan. 

  4.             Inter library loan. 

  5.             Reservation book facility. 

Reference Service :A separate properly organized and administrated reference section was established in 1972 to provide the following services.

«                   Assistance and instruction ( formal and informal ) in the use of library including the location of material, use of catalogue, use of basic reference tools such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, year books and almanacs, indexes etc.

«                   Assistance in the identification and selection of books, journals and other material relevant to a particular informational needs.

«                   Provision of brief, factual information of the ready reference  i.e. information as names, addresses, statistics, biographical information etc. that can be located quickly in particular reference tools.

«                   Provision of information in responses to longrange reference services.

«                   Reference section provides current awareness services by displaying of jackets and browsing areas.

Reprographic Service:

            From 1994 on an average, more then 5,23,219 copies are supplied to the members of library by the end of September 2005. 

Internet And E-Mail Service :

         Internet and E-mail services are provided from the year 2000.

Reading Hall Facility :

            The facility is available in reference section, periodical section and in reading hall. Near about three hundred readers can avail this facility at a time. 

Bibliographic Services : 

            Bibliographic services provided by the library include monthly list of new additions to contexts pages service of periodicals to the department.

Library Automation :

            SOUL developed by INFLIBNET is used in the library and 3,34,523 titles have been entered by the end of November 2007. Issue and return of books is also done by soul.

Future Plans :

            In future, mechanization of library operations would being about radical change in functioning of the library, in future computerization of library operation would greatly reduce the routine job and relieve a sizable number of library personnel who can be conveniently developed for introducing new library services for improving the existing one.


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