Frequently asked questions
What is my eligibility number?
Whether my eligibility number and Roll number is different?
What is the schedule of submission of examination forms from the last date of admission?
What duration i will get to submit my examination form from the starting date of exam form submission?
Is it nesessory to fill my personal information on exam form as per filled on my admission form?
Is it nesessory to fill my personal information on exam form as per filled on my admission form?
I want help to fill the examination form?
I am late to fill the exmination form?
Can I appear for the examination before 8 days of its commencement?
What will be the nature of penalty for the late submission of examination form?
Can I Apply for more then one schlorship at a time?
How I can apply for EBC/GOI or other fees concession
If I am from Open catagory for which schlorship I am eligible to apply?
Which type of educational fees can i gate?
In my education if there is educational gap, can I gate schlorship?
During previous year I have get schlorship, It is necessory to apply for renual to next year
How I can get merit schlorship?
Can I get schlorship other then Govrnment Schlorship?
I am Physically handicap studen then Which educational facilities I get?
I am Son/Doughter of Ex-service man, Which educational facilities i get from Government?
Which type of educational facilities I get If I am a state level sportman?
Which type of educational facilites can I get for education in forigen countries?
Who can apply for educational loan?
Can I get some educational facilities from College?
What can I do to prove that i am schlorship holder student from last year?
Is there is need to open the bank account for schlorship?
Schlorship student are eligible for getting concession / assistant in examination fees?
I am schlorship Holder student or Belongs to Backword class community, Can I get fees concession for Admission.
How much amount is sanctioned on my name for the current year as an schlorship?
From my sanctioned schlorship amount How much amount is deducted by the college?
How can I get sanctioned amount of G.O.I at once or in fractions?
If I am failed in last year, can I get schlorship during next year for same class?
If my result is declaired ATKT, can I get schlorship for next year?
If I have admission for external classes of Open university, Can I apply for schlorship?
If I have not attended classes throug out the year,Can i get schlorship?
If my schlorship is sanctioned or not How can I know this?
If my schlorship in not sanctioned What can I do?
My guardians annual income is more the 25000/-thousand can I get schlorship?
If my guirdance annual income is more then precriscibed limit, but I am belongs to backword community, Can I get G.O.I schlorship?
If my guirdance annual income is more then precriscibed limit, but I am belongs to backword community, Can I get E.B.C fees concession?
From my family, How many candidates are eligible to get G.O.I fees concession?
After the declairation of 12 th class examination How much time i get for the admission to the Senoor college?
I am eager to get admission for B.E/MBBS/D.Ed Etc. After the completion of admission process of said courses, can i get admission to Senior college for First Year?
Who can provide the information regarding admission process?
I require guidance to fill the admission form?
Can I choose optional subjects as pr my choice for degree classes?
How many optional subjects are prescribed for degree classes for B.A/B.Com/B.Sc?
How many second languages can I choose for degree level?
Can I get admission to two faculties at a time in the same academic year?
Can I get admission to two universities at a time in same academic year?
I want to change the university did the migration certificate of H.S.C borad is required?
What can I do to get migration certificate from HS.C board?
Where did i get attempt certificate?
From where I get information regarding attempt certificate?
Can I get admission to degree class on 12th class duplicate Transfer certificate (TC).
How can I admit for regular ar external course?
What can I do to get duplicate Transfer certificate.(TC)
Can I get admission to regular and external courses at a time?
What type of examination pattern for University examination?
How did i know that i have get the admission as per my catagory?
The college in which i am getting the admission, whether that is affiliated to university or not?
Can I get admission to "NAAC" accrediated college?
Who can deside "NAAC" accrediation?
How i know my admission is approved by university?
Can I get schlorship on duplicate T.C
From whom and from where i get my roll no?
I had let for completion of admission process what can i do?
For administrative purpose which no is required?
What type of educational facilities are provided by the college to me?
Where did i get syllabus of my subject?
The course to which i had admitted is having time period, duration of years?
Did my syllabus / curriculum completes in regular periods?
Did the teaching staff is availiable to the subjects to which i am admitted?
The teachers who are teac to me are regular or not regular?
Did the education qualification of the teachers is as per the UGC or University rules?
Can I get the admission to the business oriented courses along with the regular courses of the college?